Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steering Wheel, Accelerator

We need to remember -- as much as we can -- that heavenly help is available to us. This enhances our ability to use it. How should we look at this heavenly help? Where may we find it?

Heavenly help is the vehicle the Creator places at our disposal. It's the Creator's gift to us, His blessing. However, we need to drive it, to ride it. We need to control its main instruments -- the steering wheel and accelerator -- our desire and ambition.

Then, this marvelous vehicle has other instruments we need to use. One is gratitude -- thankfulness, appreciation for the Creator's gift of life. Another is joy -- as a team of horses senses the moods of its driver, so heavenly help senses our moods. The more alive we are with the joy of being alive, the more alive it is in carrying us quickly to our destinations.

Finally, we need to trust in this help. We must let go and let the help, help -- give ourselves over, surrender ourselves -- and let heavenly help carry us to our every dream.

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