Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pool of Inspiration

We live in a deep, heavenly pool. We cannot see it -- still, we use it; enjoy it; draw life-giving, empowering, happy energy from it.

Which waters fill this pool? -- Wisdom; strength; wealth and health; success and joy; the Creator Himself.

Which buckets draw waters from this well? -- Our minds.

Which barrels do we fill with these waters? Ourselves -- the more we absorb these waters, the more we are wise and strong, happy and successful.

In general, help comes to us through other people. However, these people are not the real source of our help. They are only a pipeline. Therefore, we must look to the source, that we do not forfeit its gift -- that we do not lose its energy. We must know this pool, trust in its springs, and immerse ourselves deep, deep in these waters.

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