Tuesday, March 9, 2010


If we could be fully obsessed with one great goal, then the thought

-- That our living conditions are not ideal, wouldn't bother us.

-- That others have more than we do, wouldn't upset us.

-- That our future was uncertain, wouldn't worry us.

If we could be fully obsessed with one great goal, our complaints and regrets would simply disappear. We would shrug off the petty inconveniences and discomforts that surround us.

We need to ask then, is there a goal to which we can give ourselves -- a goal that will fill our minds?

The Torah gives us a number of targets to aim for -- a variety of goals for a variety of people, each one at a different level. All are worthwhile -- something to which we can dedicate ourselves. All can fill our mind -- keep it busy, keep it buzzing. All can grow, expand, with unlimited horizons, endless prizes.

However, none of these goals will work until we make them our goals. None will help us before we give ourselves over to them. For our survival, for our happiness, for our success, we must take on great, glorious goals.

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