Monday, March 8, 2010

Heavenly Self

Hold you body still. Close your eyes. In your mind, float up -- beyond the ceiling, beyond the clouds, beyond the universe. Feel yourself leaving the heaviness of your body, of your world. Move from darkness into light. Feel your surroundings becoming brighter, clearer. Fly upwards into a greater joy, a wider love.

Now, as you advance, sense yourself approaching a space of power and energy. Experience the majesty, awe, wonder of this space. Feel the authority, beauty, glory of this center.

You penetrate partitions, and more partitions, and slowly come to a stop before a heavenly being. You look to the beauty of this face, the warmth of these eyes, and you recognize them. Whose appearance is this?

It's the one you see each time you look in a mirror. For, in the image of the Divine Creator each one of us is created (Breishis 1.27).

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