Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adding Bricks

What goal may fill all our time -- occupy all our thoughts? It's the goal of becoming a great person -- a shining personality.

Every life happening requires a response -- in one way or another. A knock on the door asks us to answer the door. By answering the door, we choose to help the person knocking. By ignoring the knock, we push the intruder away. Even in quiet moments, we make choices -- do we read a magazine, do we go to sleep, do we pray.

Within the choice we make awaits the opportunity to be great. The choice we make is critical -- it decides the person we become.

In every situation, we have a choice -- one greater, one lesser. One choice adds a brick to the skyscraper we aim to become. The other bypasses the opportunity, leaving it to die.

A burning goal, a fiery desire -- one that fills all our time, that occupies all our thoughts -- helps us make a better choice.

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